Mission Statement

To build a healthier and safer community by connecting underserved people with the available resources they need. This mission is achieved through a variety of efforts including the utilization of mobile healthcare to reach underserved populations. ServingUnderserved works by engaging the underserved population through education to empower recognition of health and social challenges. Resources are then utilized to help the underserved overcome barriers that adversely affect their individual health and social issues. As a result, ServingUnderserved is able to do more with less by focusing on preventative interventions.

Who We Serve

ServingUnderserved provides fundamental services primarily to underserved populations at both a local and international level. Through various programs, we provide resources to improve recognition and identification of physical, social, and mental health issues within the underserved population. We actively network with existing community resources and partners to address challenges faced by the population in accessing healthcare and how together we can help them to overcome any barriers to access. The majority of patients we serve are from diverse and primarily lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our Role and Impact

Our role in the community is simply to improve the health status of those in underserved areas that without our assistance may not access the necessary services instrumental in promoting better health. We are committed to facilitating communication between existing resources and underserved populations in addition to expanding mobile health care services to improve access and health outcomes. But we don’t stop there. When needs are unmet with existing resources, we implement programs needed to address those unmet needs.