The initial focus of ServingUnderserved is for children within the Los Angeles area with the goals to provide the framework for implementation of these programs throughout the state and on a national level.

Hospital Inreach - After Hours for Kids

After Hours for Kids

(Project in the Works) For children who must stay in the hospital, the experience can be a frightening one. From procedures such as having blood drawn, or coping with their illness – child life specialists are available on the weekdays from 8am-4pm. These specialists are instrumental in helping the children with their anxiety and questions about their condition and being in the hospital. These specialists are expert at helping to prepare the children for upcoming procedures and assisting the families with needs beyond the immediate medical needs of the child. One of the goals of ServingUnderserved is to provide resources for child life specialists to be available beyond the weekday standard hours.

Hospital Inreach - Eyes for LA

Eyes for LA

This program sponsored by ServingUnderserved helps underserved children who need eye glasses obtain frames at no cost to the family through LAC+USC Pediatrics Clinic.