Mobile Asthma Care for Kids Network is comprised of a voluntary collaborative group of mobile health care providers specializing in asthma care. They collaborate in areas of research and best practices and collectively treat children at over 20,000 visits annually at more than 500 school sites throughout the country.

Previously referred to informally as The National Breathmobile Network since 2002, the participating Breathmobile Programs officially formed the collaborative group known as Mobile Asthma Care for Kids (MACK) in 2014. The MACK Network of partners delivers mobile asthma care and systematically track disease outcomes to address health disparities experienced by underserved populations. Care for patients provided by members within the MACK Network is standardized across sites based on 2007 NAEPP guidelines. The programs collaborate independently to discuss sustainability, evidence-based research, and asthma-related outcomes measures and reductions in the areas of school absenteeism, hospitalizations, emergency room visits and morbidity and mortality rates. Each program is independently owned and operated by its respective organization. The MACK members have collectively provided 80+years of cumulative experience in providing high-level comprehensive asthma and allergy care.

The MACK Network is proud to partner with the Mobile Health Clinics Association.

Breathmobile Program Outcomes of the MACK Network

The Breathmobile Programs, based on the mobile asthma care delivery model developed by Dr. Craig Jones, have been operating for over 20 years. The Breathmobile Programs have collectively treated more than 15,000 patients at over 150,000 visits and counting since inception.

Not only does the Breathmobile provide direct medical services to underserved populations, there is also a strong emphasis placed on educating and engaging families and putting them in the “driver’s seat of their own care.” As a result of these efforts, the Breathmobile Program has shown dramatic improvements in the health outcomes in treating children with asthma and has provided evidence-based care proven to keep kids out of the emergency room and in school, as 80% of children treated on the Breathmobile gain control of their asthma symptoms by the 3rd visit. Significant outcome measures have also been reported yearly including an 82% improvement in school attendance; 68% reduction in emergency room visits; and an 87% reduction in hospitalizations due to asthma.