Med-Peds Trax is a Clinical Disease Management and Decision Making tool used to record clinical data measures, create clinic visit notes, and track disease outcomes for medical conditions and diagnoses. Based on the program Asmatrax, used specifically for asthma care by the Breathmobile programs across the country, Med-PedsTrax was created as a chronic disease management tool for all models of chronic disease.

This program has been used as implementation of a clinical disease management electronic health record tool that influences care choices at the point of care. Chronic disease management and prevention is performed in LAC+USC hospital based clinics for primary and subspecialty care with outcomes tracking. Preliminary data shows reductions by 20-40% in hospitalizations and emergency room visits for patients who receive primary care in a disease management tracking program compared to those patients receiving usual standard of care in the adult and pediatric populations.

If you are interested in using Med-PedsTrax, please contact ServingUnderserved for further information.